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GENERAL BENEFITS: Become an Innovative Teacher of Texas today and join a new network of the best educators in Texas, building together an alternative to the organizations we have historically relied upon for necessary things like insurance, legislative advocacy, and peer support. For specific benefits, read the article below, "Why Should Teachers Join a Professional Organization Instead of a Union?"

UNIVERSITY CONNECTIONS AND SUPPORT:  ITT is partnered with Southern Nazarene University to provide professional growth through the best in accelerated 100% online Masters, Doctoral, and Alternative Certification education courses, as well as classes to earn in-service and stipend credit.  See SNU's information on the "Resources" link.

Why Should Teachers Join A Professional Organization Instead of A Union?  (By: Dr. Kenneth Poppe)

First, I must say for over 30 years I taught side-by-side with many union teachers who were excellent educators.  But just as service at the Chick-Fil-A drive-through feels "different," so does membership in a professional organization ... such as the Innovative Teachers of Texas (ITT).  Here are some reasons why when comparing across the board.

  • Unions are by nature “for profit,” and despite their professional wording, the true bottom line is always the dollar.  Non-profit professional organizations like ITT have a different operational agenda - the success of teachers and students - and you will find this changes the overall focus in several critical ways.
  • Union leadership is highly partisan, and they donate large sums of money to politicians and activists who endorse radical educational agendas displeasing to the majority of parents.  ITT does not align itself with any political party, but does support all leaders who put the interests of American teachers and students FIRST.
  • Most professional organizations are dedicated to one individual state, like ITT for Texas.  Therefore, all the money stays in that state, and is controlled and allocated by educators in tune with their areas of residence.  Most unions are part of a national affiliate, and must pay dues to fund national executives - who then try to dictate educational policy from places like Washington DC.
  • Unions are often run by "managers" who are no longer in the classroom, or may not even have educator credentials.  Professional organizations are run by licensed educators, usually teachers who have direct experience in the locales where decisions are made.  In the case of ITT, the executive director and board members are still teaching in classrooms of their own.
  • Professional organizations believe in “collaboration” over “confrontation.”  Union representatives can often encourage the filing of grievances that can inflate a problem, and sometimes call for members to go on strike unless their demands are met.  Teachers in professional organizations remain dedicated to the students in their classrooms, and rely on attorneys trained in school law to help settle differences and reach equitable decisions on contract issues.  It is a “win-win” situation, and the big winners are the kids.  
  • The cost for annual dues in a professional organization are SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than what unions charge.  How is this low cost possible?  ITT is run “by teachers for teachers,” and does not have to pay high salaries for administrative excess - making operational expenses much lower.  Also, ITT members are so dedicated to their callings that many often volunteer their time.  Finally, by applying funds to solve local issues rather than national movements, ITT’s budget money will be more effectively applied.

For The Same Liability Protection "In A Nutshell"

Professional Organizations                Unions

Non-profit (Excellence first) For-profit (Finances first)

Non-partisan (For the kids) Highly partisan (For the politics)

Devoted to state/local solutions Connected and directed nationally

Run by teachers for teachers Not always practicing educators

Collaborational ( Non-striking) Confrontational (Grievances/Strikes)

Dues significantly less     Dues significantly more

Since teachers insure their health, automobiles, and houses, it makes perfect sense to insure the paychecks that provide all these with adequate liability protection - especially with the turmoil in education today.  My choice for such peace of mind is a professional organization over a union due to the points mentioned above.  Not only is coverage such as ITT the most reasonable, I also believe it is the SUPERIOR choice.    Ken


  • Webinars on professional growth topics
  • Options for recertification and stipend credits
  • Opportunities to serve as chapter or building reps
  • Devotionals to educate and inspire us

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We provide our members with $3M in professional liability insurance.

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