TEA Mandated Reading Academy by ITT Member

January 09, 2022 4:13 PM | Jennifer Winter (Administrator)

Editorial by ITT Member regarding K-3 Reading Academy Course

January 2022

 (To read entire post, click on three dots to the left.). I have been a first-grade teacher for seventeen years; all of those years I have taught in the same district in Texas. My district is requiring K-2 teachers to participate in the Science of Teaching Reading course. We started mid-July 2021 and are required to be finished in Feb. 2022; at the very latest, April 2022.

This “60 hour” course is grueling. TEA constantly underestimates the projected timeframe for completing each module.  I often need double the amount of time TEA estimates I will need.  There are reflections to complete, pre-tests, post- tests, and artifacts to submit. If I fail to complete this course in the time allotted, TEA let me know that I will lose my certification.  I went to college and took courses and tests to earn my teaching certificates, so it makes no sense to me how this one class can strip all of that away?!

We are expected to complete all the course modules on our own time.  We are not paid for any of the time we spend to complete the modules.  I have taken a day off work to work on the modules. If we drop out or retire early, we owe the district $450 for this class. We have had campus “work-days” which have been set aside solely for us to work on the class but MANY times there are other things/meetings from administration that take precedence over my time to work on this class, with their excuse being “Don’t worry, WE (administrators) are taking this course too.” 

Why is the state requiring us to do this course on our own time for free? Years ago, I had to attend a 3- day Math training from TEA but I was paid for it!

The stress level from the unrealistic expectations this year is just overwhelming, not just from this class, but from my new principal and assistant principal who have new initiatives that the teachers are required to implement.  I am planning for 6 subjects because I’m self-contained and also planning guided reading, guided math, and a daily 45 min intervention time to target struggling students.

Needless to say, I’m behind on this course because I have decided on a few weekends to choose my family over this course. I have a husband and 3 boys who miss their wife and mom.

Because of all of this, I’m planning to make an exit from education in May 2022.  ab

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