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Mission Statement

: Innovative Teacher's of Texas's mission is to support teachers as individual practitioners by providing protection, dialogue, and resources with which they’ll have freedom to innovate and excel, rendering excellence in American Education.

Empowering The Future of Education Through Traditional Texas Values...

Innovative Teachers of Texas (ITT) was created to give Texas teachers a choice in their professional representation so that they can receive excellent benefits and services they need without funding a political agenda with which they may disagree. ITT is organized as a Texas non-profit corporation created by teachers for teachers to provide research and dialogue among teaching professionals as well as legislative updates which affect the profession. Innovative Teachers of Texas (ITT) promotes professionalism and excellence in the classroom among all educators and asks its members to provide the highest quality of education possible to their students. As a non-union alternative, ITT offers choice to educators, promotes decreased union influence, and provides better opportunity for achieving meaningful improvements in K-12 education while empowering educators. Each ITT member is required to take an oath of excellence prior to becoming a member.   

ITT Oath of Excellence

I hereby commit to fulfill, according to my best ability and judgment, this oath and this covenant:  I will provide exemplary academic instruction and/or guidance for every student according to their needs and I will do so only for the good of that student.  I will always strive to keep them from harm and injustice.  I will always act in the best interest of each student and their success, based upon my very best judgment.

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