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Are teachers really against state income tax ban?

January 15, 2020 4:27 AM | Anonymous

Innovative Teachers of Texas is founded on a principle that a statewide teachers association should be focused on the classroom and not the hallways in and around the Texas Capitol ...

... and especially not the ins-and-outs of tax policy! That's why we found this article quite telling:

It's not outside the norm for state educator unions to take a position on proposed constitutional amendments. After all, and in Texas, public K-12 education spends $60 billion of Texas's $217 billion budget.

But what's raising eyebrows is why associations dedicated to education policy and teacher advocacy are weighing in on how tax revenue is collected. Two of the three major teacher associations in Texas are opposing Proposition 4, the amendment that would effectively ban a statewide income tax.

Read more in The Hayride.

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