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Triple T Program
Teacher Travel for Testimony

Have you ever heard of a new law passing that affects your job duties or your pay, but you never even knew it was being considered? Or have you heard of a new bill that the legislature is considering that you think would be either a complete travesty or the best thing since sliced bread? If any of these fit you, ITTexas now offers the opportunity for members to have their voices heard!

For most teachers, even if you want to go and testify, the idea of driving to the Capitol and paying for a hotel and meals often stops you in your tracks. However, with the Triple T Program, you can count on ITTexas to not only reserve your room for the night, but we will also reimburse you for your mileage and give you a per diem to cover meals and other incidental costs!

We do not require you to submit your testimony to us; we believe that teachers know their own hearts and minds and can speak on their own behalf. We simply provide you with options you may not have otherwise had if you had to pay out of your own pocket.

Since the inception of the program, several of our members have gone to testify on important measures the Texas Legislature was debating, including HB655, SB8, SB176, SB175 and SB763.

Join the professional educators who have
exercised their right to be heard!

Email for more information.

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